About Us

Who We Are

Our simple user experience and product forms are designed to suit each room of your home. We develop our products around outstanding designs, high quality and functionality. No one wants tech accessories that are just functional, they want the right looks & feel as well.

From industrial design to marketing, everything we do is in-house. Located in western Europe, The Netherlands. “Tech for your spaces, Favolt.”


We believe that technology should seamlessly blend into your home, enhancing your living environment without compromising on aesthetics.Designed to become an integral part of your interior.

Combined with an easy user experience, for complete integration in your living space.


We design our products from the ground up. Which gives us all the control over design, meaning that we could build the products we actual want.



We strive to be reliable, always and everywhere. We listen and will constantly work to gain trust by delivering quality products and consistency. Achieved by Incorporating the finest materials and latest technologies.

Design Is Not An Afterthought

“We balance aesthetics and functionality by melding the finest materials with contemporary craft, thoughtful design, and solid constructions.”


For questions regarding orders, please send an e-mail to support@favolt.co

For wholesale enquiries, please mail to sales@favolt.co